The State of Religion in America

Sister Wives’ Kody & Robyn Brown Expecting a Baby
This will be the first child between Kody and his fourth wife, Robyn..

I thought this was an interesting article. I saw one episode of their tv reality show the other day. Happy Mormon polygamists, coming out of the closet or rather the woodwork. They are attractive, healthy looking, honest, sincere, and most important, self-supporting adults. No child has been injured in the making of this family. They have great personalities, are loveable, friendly and outgoing. No mental health issues, physical illnesses or poverty among these devout old school Mormons.

If only Joseph Smith could have lived in today’s America. He would have had a much easier time of it, establishing his new religion. America today is tolerant of divergence lifestyles and vigorous in defending religious freedom, especially the rights to religious expression. All Mormons would be free to openly follow the prophet’s divinely inspired plan for salvation, including polygamy, not just a few underground families. Today Joseph would most assuredly not be jailed or killed by an angry mob. Today’s America would not only tolerate this religious leader’s cult, but most likely embrace it, as a uniquely American religion! Voyeuristic curiosity in this now only slightly kinky way of life is the worst he could expect. I would find it interesting to see what other divine revelations God would give him concerning the need for major lifestyle changes, for him personally, and of course for God’s chosen people; in order to reach the highest level of the celestial kingdom.

Due to our fear of stepping on the toes of God every cult claiming to be a religion can easily get tax exempt status and solicit funding. How far is America willing to go? Perhaps we need to take another look at religion and what constitutes a legitimate expression of religious faith.


5 Comments on “The State of Religion in America”

  1. Jessica says:

    Very true. America is a land of complete tolerance that boarders on idiocy!

  2. bysrose says:

    you mean BORDERS not boarders. But yes too many groupd get taz exceptions for ridiculous and even illegal “religious” practices. Which basically means the government is FUNDING them!

  3. bysrose says:

    I mean groups and tax lol sorry for the misspellings.

  4. Dr. Cuddles says:

    I get mixed messages from this article, you start by praising the show, continue on to praise Americas openness, and in the thrid paragraph you slam the United States for being too tolerant.

    • bysrose says:

      I am stating that these folks want to have their lifestyle legally recognized as an expression of their religious faith. That is the important point. Churches in this country are tax exempt. I am complaining about that, more than their lifestyle. The recognition of communal marriages would provide each and every communal family the same tax breaks and insurance benefits that a single couple family enjoys today. That would increase membership in their “religion”, and provide more ways to get out of paying taxes and insurance premiums. I think it is just a tax dodge in other words.

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