This Old Woman

Okay so now everyone reading my blog knows how lacking in computer savvy I really am.  If only I had majored in audiovisual/communications in high school.  Instead I opted for a science/math concentration. Well now is way too late to rethink that decision.  Oh wait,  there were no computers when I went to high school,  and no internet!  So, see I really have a great excuse. I am old. In fact I can use that excuse more and more freely as the years add up for me.  I also note that it is increasingly difficult to care about learning how to upload photos and create documents.

This sort of relates to my lack of interest in the English Royal Family’s latest life events. Of course not being a British citizen, or a fan of monarchial rule, also contributes to my disinterest in their family.  I in fact feel enormous dismay over the great interest shown by descendants of the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” (Americans)  to this rather every day event (young people marrying) taking place in the families of  those who cause “the huddled masses” to long for freedom by denying them freedom in their own countries, Royal Families!

Thus in this, and indeed in many ways, I am out of step with the modern world. I can learn to use my computer to better express my opinions and thusly convey in a more appealing and convincing way any notions that may pop into my old head now and then. But, I can not forget why my country exists, and what it stands for. It is diametrically in opposition to all inheritable rights to governance and rulership; which of course allows the accruing and retaining of wealth and power as a family.  The people of such nations have no legal way to roust power from their Monarchs.  Monarchies are just like dictatorships, only more so.

To all those American citizens that get all dreamy-eyed at the “fairy tale wedding” of young English Nobles decked out in all their pompous finery; shame on you!  Maybe we should offer you all  refresher courses in Forms of Government or Why I am an American.


Fairy Tale Lives

I fail to understand all the attention that is given the Royal Family of England by the media. No other royal families are followed by media sources outside their own country the way the English royals are. They are not especially gifted, mentally or physically. At this point in time they aren’t even really rulers of a nation in the traditional sense of the word. However, the media especially in the United States is very, very interested in these people, for no apparent reason other than the fact that they exist.

So Willy and Kate, much like, his parents, Charley and Diana before them, are making their relationship permanent this week. Who cares?? Not to mention the constant, rather morbid, references to Diana, a woman beatified not only by her family, but apparently the world. For what? She was a relatively silly woman, well-known for her limited intellect, who spent most of her adult life running around like an alley cat in heat while vying for the title of London’s Biggest Trollop with rather stiff competition from her equally adulterous sister-in-law! So what is there to admire?

Anyway, I hope Kate takes a lesson from her many years deceased, but still very popular, mother-in-law’ s faux pas. Tuck yourself in at night, next to Willy, in your castle, made possible by the plundering of other nations over many centuries by his royal ancestors; and be happy, because, for some bizarre reason, the world is watching you.

Oh, and for the record, my ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War that freed this nation from the tyranny of England’s monarchial rule! I just don’t get it…